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Surface Specialist is On Track with Large Project at Dover Downs

Dover Downs is increasing its capacity for overnight patrons with the addition of a ten story wing onto their existing hotel, overlooking the racetrack. The General Contractor, T. N. Ward of Ardmore, PA has employed the services of Surface Specialist, LLC to provide a gypsum cement substrate over the pre-cast plank construction. The blend-on-site operation using USG Levelrock 2500 is "going like clockwork" according to Tim Fahey, Principal of Surface Specialist, with one 18,000 square foot floor being completed in a two day operation every two weeks.

With an entire floor being evacuated by all the other trades for this process, the Surface Specialist crew must be as efficient as possible to complete their task in the two day allotment. "Timing is everything. We have a great crew" says Operations Director, Tony Fererria who sees to it that his men operate flawlessly in this team effort. Day one; the crew receives the sand and cement materials and readies the staging area for pumping. They also prepare the next floor to receive the gypsum cement. This entails doing a final sweep, priming all 18,000 sq. ft. of the floor, setting pour stops and sealing any penetrations where they might loose some of the fluid cement. Before they fire up the pump on day two, the floor must be checked again and heights set at all door locations so the depth of the fluid cement is to within 1/8 inch tolerance beneath each door. The crew then takes a short break, because once the pump starts, its nonstop pumping until the floor is finished. T. N. Ward and the racetrack owners are very pleased and impressed with the progress Surface Specialist is making.

Surface Specialist is currently working on the following projects in the Philadelphia area:
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  • The Warwick Condominiums
  • The Western Union Building
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  • 1500 Spring Garden Street
Recently completed projects include The Cira Center, The Union League, 1401 Walnut Street, Edgewater Condominiums, The National at Old City, Pocono Medical Center and the Lehigh Valley Hospital.