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About Us

“Improperly prepared substrates are the Number one reason for flooring finish failures.”

About us:

For years, statements like the one on the right have been repeated throughout the construction engineering community. When substrate deficiencies are not properly evaluated and corrected early in a project, the end result is delays, cost overrun “ticket-work”, and a visually compromised finished product that is prone to premature failure.

Surface Specialist is an organization of flooring substrate preparation professionals. We are engineers who service contractors and owners by evaluating a building’s existing substrate, then redesigning and installing the corrections.

The finished product is a new substrate. It is engineered, designed, and installed to meet the flatness tolerances specified by the flooring manufacturer’s installation guidelines for a successful flooring finish.

Setting Heights

Our services are utilized in all types of construction. New concrete substrates are typically not placed to within the flatness tolerances of the intended finishes. New slab FF & FL values and a flooring finish’s specified flatness tolerance do not correspond. Additionally, new, moist, Portland cement has elevated levels of alkalinity/Ph that inhibit flooring adhesive bond. Our design engineers and advanced materials overcome these new construction substrate issues.

Substrate Engineering

Renovation projects present other challenges. After removing layers of old floor finishes, masonry, patches, mastics, etc., construction professionals need assistance in dealing with the end result and to properly restore the substrate. Attempting to remedy a renovation surface without professional assistance has proven to be more costly, delays the project, and ultimately does not solve the problem. Construction professionals look to Surface Specialist for the solution.

We will visit your building, evaluate and/or survey your existing substrate’s condition and recommend corrective measures. If you choose, we will furnish & install the corrections. Our process will be incorporated into your existing construction schedule including, if necessary, off-hour work to minimize schedule disturbance. Our staff, with more than 60 years of combined experience, welcomes the opportunity to be of service.

Topographical Substrate Survey

Results of a topographical substrate survey